The Minnesota Intellectual Property Law Association (MIPLA) is a non-profit organization formed to promote the development of intellectual property law and enhance the professionalism of its members.  MIPLA's members include attorneys practicing in patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret law, patent agents, paralegals, and students interested in the practice of intellectual property.  Many committees have been formed to carry out the goals of the organization.  The organization has four regular meetings per year, usually in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. 

This website has been organized to provide information about intellectual property to both the public and to members and future members.  To join the organization, please review the eligibility requirements on the membership application and in the MIPLA Bylaws. 

Contact Jordan Grote at jgrote@intrinxec.com, 952-252-3573 for membership information.

If you are looking for an IP attorney, please visit the Lawyer Referral System website (www.mnfindalawyer.com) for a list of firms that provide intellectual property law services.  These services help you protect new inventions in all areas of technology, the name of your company, products, services, and slogans, and protect your writings, programs, sculptures, architectural works and many other works that are copyrightable to help enhance your chance for success in your endeavors.


Click here  to view the MIPLA Bylaws